Robbery Case

Information gathering and further investigation continue on a robbery at a jewellery shop in Kampung Tanjung Bunut on last Saturday, the 12th of December. The tasks are carried out by units under the Criminal Investigation Department of the Royal Brunei Police Force and led by the Special Investigation Unit. According to Acting Senior Superintendent of Police, Haji Awang Mohamad Khairul Amilin bin Haji Idris, Acting Head of Major Crimes Investigation Section, Criminal Investigation Department, in the latest development, two local male suspects and one female have been detained on suspicion of being involved in the robbery.

The Acting Senior Superintendent added the mastermind of the robbery is still at large and efforts to trace him is ongoing. The Royal Brunei Police Force is seeking public cooperation to provide information on two suspects still wanted by the police. The first suspect is Muhammad Noh bin Mohd Idham, also known as Noh, a 36-year-old local man. The second suspect is another local man, Mohammad Amirul Alif bin Ali, who is also known as Alif and 32 years old. The Royal Brunei Police also stresses to the public that any individual who provides shelter to a suspected criminal such as a robber can be charged under Section 216A, Chapter 22 of the Criminal Penal Code and liable to imprisonment of not exceeding 7 years and a fine. Apart from that, as provisioned under Section 412, Chapter 22 of the Criminal Penal Code, any person who dishonestly receives stolen property from a gang robbery, if found guilty will be imprisoned for a period not exceeding 15 years and a fine.

Source: Radio Television Brunei