Corruption is a Vile Behaviour, Prohibited by Islam

​In efforts to achieve success, every individual must always be cautious and ensure that success is gained in a proper way, does not go against syarak law and also the country’s laws such as stealing, embezzling and corruption. Yesterday’s Friday Sermon titled ‘The Dangers of Corruption’ stressed that corruption is a vile behaviour and prohibited in Islam. Corruption is a social disease that must be prevented as it can bring about numerous negative impacts, not only towards the individual but also to the community and country.


The Imam or prayer leader said Brunei Darussalam takes seriously corruption offences as it is a dangerous matter that must be curbed and its spread prevented. Thus, in efforts to eradicate corruption from the country, the Prevention of Corruption Act, Chapter 131 was introduced that allocates a maximum penalty of 30 thousand dollars and seven years imprisonment for any individual found guilty of corruption. Corruption is very dangerous as it involves the nation and country. Therefore, individuals, the nation and country must avoid corruption. As Muslims, we must stay away and prevent oneself from corruption which is prohibited by Allah SWT. In conjunction with International Anti-Corruption Day celebrated every 9th of December, let us work together in fighting corruption by reporting such activities to the Anti-Corruption Bureau if we know or have any information on it.



Source: Radio Television Brunei