Issue of Yellowish Water

The issue of yellowish water in many areas caused by inconsistent raw water quality having high colour level and turbidity as well as low water pH.


However, the situation is currently easing. The Public Works Department, Ministry of Development in its statement, informs that the turbidity of the raw water from rivers is constantly changing according changes in the weather. Situations such as droughts in the hot season and floods during the rainy season are among the factors causing the water quality to experience obvious changes.


Apart from that, the water quality is also affected by heavy rains or stagnant water at water catchment areas that can cause changes or increase in the composition of the mineral content in raw water such as Iron, Aluminium, Sulphide and Manganese. The situation frequently occurs when the stagnant water starts to move into the rivers and in turn causing the raw water to emit odours and difficult to be treated.


The matter requires monitoring and detailed treatment especially ensuring that the chemical doses used in the water treatment are at an optimum level to tackle the raw water quality at that time. Apart from chemicals usually used in water treatment such as Calcium Carbonate and Aluminium Sulphate, additional chemicals are also used to help the process of coagulation of impurities on water or flocks in sedimentation tanks. Water treatment plants will continuously monitor and ensure that the quality of water supply always fulfil the parameters of the World Health Organisation standards guideline for clean water. Lab tests for colour, pH, turbidity, chlorine and others will be conducted every 2 hours daily. The Public Works Department is enhancing efforts to tackle the issue aside from increasing treatment efforts at plants by implementing various operational works namely cleaning the water reserve tanks, balancing the water delivery to water reserve tanks and flushing through fire hydrants on water distribution pipeline network at affected areas.



Source: Radio Television Brunei