Closing Ceremony of Tadabbur Al-Quran Workshop

The two-day Tadabbur Al-Quran Workshop of the Ministry of Religious Affairs organised by the Faculty of Usuluddin, KUPU SB in collaboration with the Department of Mosque Affairs ended with a certificate presentation ceremony to the participants, yesterday morning.

The certificates were presented by Doctor Haji Abang Hadzmin bin Haji Abang Taha, Acting Deputy Raes of KUPU SB as the representative of the Raes of KUPU SB. The workshop, which was attended by 100 mosque officials nationwide, aimed to explain the effective method of tadabbur al-Quran, besides explaining the methodology of teaching tadabbur al-Quran in the mosque and also training the mosque officials as muallim to teach tadabbur al-Quran to mosque congregants.

Source: Radio Television Brunei