Contraband Smuggling Attempt

An attempt to smuggle in contraband in the form of 191 cans and 23 bottles of alcoholic drinks of various brands has been foiled by the Marine Police, Royal Brunei Police Force. The Royal Brunei Police Force in its press release explained that the attempt took place during a river patrol at the Pulau Chermin area yesterday.

During the patrol, police personnel detected the sound of a boat engine from the end of the Kampung Mentiri embarkation area. Upon realising the police presence, a car that was at the embarkation area immediately left while a boat was found to have exited the river towards the sea. Further investigation found a number of boxes and parcels floating in the waters believed to be contraband. The items were brought to the Marine Police Headquarters for investigation. The case was handed over to Royal Customs and Excise Department for further action.

Source: Radio Television Brunei