Special Talk in Conjunction with Civil Service Day

‚ÄčThe best human being is a human who benefits the most to other human beings and the human who is most loved by Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala is the one who benefits the most to others. The matter was among the contents of a Special Talk entitled “Perkhidmatan Awam Berintegriti dan Berinovasi Pemangkin Pembangunan Negara” or Integrity and Innovation Public Service Catalyst for National Development in conjunction with Public Service Day in yesterday morning’s Rampai Pagi programme presented by Awang Muhammad Yussof bin Haji Abdul Majid, Speaker from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. In the meantime, Awang Muhammad Yussof explained that the appointed civil servants must understand that the positions are intended to carry out government affairs. In addition, the appointment of every civil servant is in the form of charity to help the Monarch as the Head of Government.


Source: Radio Television Brunei