An Honour to Educators Sacrifice & Commitment

The 23rd of September is a meaningful date for all teachers in the country. The date was selected in honour of Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Sa’adul Khairi Waddien who had laid a concrete foundation in the country’s educational system.


A teaching career is not easy as the job of educating and guiding requires sacrifice and commitment from the aspects of time, ideas, energy and others. Islam places the teaching profession in a high position, in line with their duties and responsibilities in empowering knowledge and educating the nation’s young to be more prepared to face challenges in adulthood. Not only is education provided to make students knowledgeable and skilled but it is also to shape them into well-behaved individuals with humanitarian values.


The worldwide spread of COVID-19 including in Brunei Darussalam has seen new challenges arising for teachers in educating students. Even in these difficult times, teachers continue with online teaching and learning in order to ensure that the students are not neglected and behind in their studies.


The solid commitment of the teachers clearly proves their responsibility in carrying out the trust in delivering knowledge without any expected reciprocity. Teachers are willing to make sacrifices for the success of the nation’s youths.


Looking into the importance of teacher’s role to the community, race and nation as well as in appreciation to their contribution, the 23rd of September is selected as Teachers’ Day Celebration. The celebration inspires and motivate teachers to be more committed with their responsibility and to become a role model in producing a visionary generation. It is hoped that the celebration can become a platform to appreciate more teacher’s contributions as the catalyst to the nation’s success.



Source: Radio Television Brunei