Tajhizul Janaiz Adam and Hawa Programme

The Tajhizul Janaiz or funeral rites is part of the Fardu Kifayah or obligation act, which all the aspects under it need to be carried out immediately. The Tajhizul Janaiz Adam and Hawa programme for youths nationwide can create a sense of repentance and awareness to the youths on the importance knowledge of funeral rites as well as instilling love towards parents and guardians who have looked after the children from childhood to adulthood. Awang Haji Mohammad Rosli bin Haji Ibrahim, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Religious Affairs said the matter that during the Programme Official Closing Ceremony, yesterday.


Awang Haji Mohammad Rosli hoped that the programme will help the participants to understand the concept and practical of funeral rites.


153 youths nationwide received their certificates. The programme was organised by the Youth Bureau and the Youth Group of Lambak Mosque, Berakas to meet the learning needs while filling the first term holiday. Such a programme is intended to produce youths who are not only knowledgeable in the field of fardu ain and academics but also able to contribute to society.


The 2-day programme, among others, aims to expose the participants the importance of knowing how to manage the funeral; familiarise the participants with practical activities in order to gain deeper understanding in funeral management while making the participants an example to the community.



Source: Radio Television Brunei