Exposure on Seafood Products

Processing marine resources into favourite foods such as fish nuggets, fish balls and crackers is one of the skills applied to a group of youth from the PEMBELA Kuala Belait Association during a recent visit to Kampung Sungai Bunga, Mukim Kota Batu. Through the Seafood Processing course organised by the Kampung Sungai Bunga Consultative Council, the youth has the opportunity to know on the village products that can be promoted as the economic resource.


Over 30 youths from the association have been given exposure on the seafood processing method such as the fish satay, fish nugget, fish ball and crackers. Such an exposure can provide an added value to the youth and motivation in producing the innovative village products in line with the passage of time.


This also hoped to become a platform for the participant to start business and further develop the village economy activity.


The involvement of youth in such village economy activity is vital to help in developing the country’s economy. Hence, as the grass-root leader, youth need to make close cooperation with the Village Consultative Council, furthermore in the economic activity through the 1 Village 1 Product.



Source: Radio Television Brunei