Music Unites People

Music is able to unite a society through its rhythm, melody and tunes. Apart from that, music also has its own element of beauty and aesthetics as well as has a role in human life.


In an interview with RTB, Awang Haji Mohd Abdoh bin Haji Awang Damit, Acting Director of Culture and Arts explained, various genres of music, among them traditional, modern, contemporary and classical have a positive impact on mankind, including on individual psychology, therapeutic media or just as entertainment. Therefore, as a listener, one needs to be able to differentiate the good and disadvantages of any music and lyrics listened to.


With technological sophistication, music is easily available through gadgets and social media platforms. But it cannot be denied, that it will give listeners the freedom to choose music genres with lyrics that may be contrary to the ethics and beliefs of Islam. Therefore, parents are advised to ensure that the type of music listened to or video watched by children are within social parameters.


In addition, music has also become the language and media of communication in today’s society life, despite coming from different races and backgrounds.



Source: Radio Television Brunei