E-Library System Expedites the Book Borrowing Process

An interest in reading and love of knowledge can produce a generation that practices lifelong learning. Apart from that, it can also help the people in this country to be knowledgeable in order to uphold Brunei Vision 2035. Thus, the role of various parties is necessary to achieve the goal. The Language and Literature Bureau also plays an important role in providing various services that can foster an interest in reading.


In an interview with RTB, Awang Mohammad Hilme bin Mohd Yahya, the Library Officer shared that more than 2 hundred thousand books of various genres are available in the Language and Literature Bureau Libraries in the four districts. In addition, various activities are also organized by the Language and Literature Bureau.


In addition, according to Awang Mohammad Hilme, the E-Library system is a project that combines 6 libraries to provide the public with facilities to obtain reading materials.  The system combines 5 libraries apart from the Language and Literature Bureau library, namely the Attorney General Chambers’ Library; Brunei Museums Library; Islamic Da’wah Center Library; Ministry of Religious Affairs Library and Brunei History Center Library.


The public who are interested to become a Library Member are welcome to register at the Library Branches in the four districts.



Source: Radio Television Brunei