3D Machines Can Print Attractive Designs

Self-confidence and patience in facing challenges are among the secrets of a local graphic design artist’s success. His skills in graphic design has given him an advantage in producing attractive three dimensional or 3D models. The 3D models produced have received encouraging response from the public until it has now become his source of income.


Since venturing into graphic design 10 years ago, Awang Saiful Adli bin Azahari continues to explore attractive designs to be printed using the 3D machine. In the field of design, not all that has been planned will become a reality. Awang Saiful said that skills and patience is needed in every individual to produce an attractive model.


For this youth, graphic design is an enjoyable field, especially since it is his hobby in the first place. The support of his parents and family as well as peers, is an inspiration for him to produce refined and unique creations, including the production of Face Shields for the frontliners use.


The story of Awang Saiful Adli’s success can be a motivator for youths to achieve success. Remember that do not stop striving as where there is a will, there will always be a way.



Source: Radio Television Brunei