Muslims are advised to Supplicate at All Times and in All Situations

The test of Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala to human comes in many forms. Recently, Brunei Darussalam was shocked with the confirmation of CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 in the country. In facing the pandemic, preventive measures are important to control the transmission including self-hygiene. Muslims are urged to keep their wudhu or ablution as being in ablution state is in line with the cleanliness advice. Apart from that, Muslims are urged to seek Allah's forgiveness, blessings, safety and protection through their doa or supplication. These matters were among the contents of today's Friday Sermon entitled "Amalan Berdoa Sebagai Budaya Bangsa" or the practice of supplication as the nation's culture.

The imam or prayer leader said Muslims are advised to supplicate at all times and in all situations, especially during the outbreak of COVID-19. This is because the prayers or supplications of those who supplicate consistently will be granted by Allah Subahanahu Wata'ala during difficult times.

Source: Radio Television Brunei