9th PKBN Intake Passing Out Parade

From the parade ground, His Majesty proceeded to the Block 1 Lobby of the PKBN Training Camp to tour an exhibition by the PKBN Alumni Association Committee and Young Farmers Programme of the Youth Development Centre.

His Majesty first viewed the PKBN Alumni Association Committee Exhibition. The display was divided into four different clusters namely Nationhood, Religion, Social and Sports.

Many of the PKBN alumni have aready gained employment or continued their studies while others are still looking for employment. The exhibition also showcased agricultural activities carried out by the Young Farmers Programme of the Youth Development Centre.

With the self-esteem and identity building training and programmes applied on the youths, the PKBN has been able to shape the youngsters into high quality human resource.

His Majesty then signed a visitor's parchment.

The 9th Intake is the biggest in PKBN history. Since its inauguration, the programme has successfully produced educated, dedicated and successful graduates. Among the PKBN's achievements is a new curriculum in training component.

The presence of His Majesty gave the trainees the motivation and inspiration to continue playing their role as independent, disciplined, visionary, courteous, pious and holistic youths. It is hoped they will apply the lessons learnt from the programme in the service of the nation, race and religion, which is the core aspiration of the PKBN's formation.

Source: Radio Television Brunei