Syarikat Sinar Tenaga Sdn Bhd Expected To Increase Quality Production for Export Market

Foriegn agricultural system has inspired 3 local entrepreneurs to become involved in agricultural entrepreneurship. Awang Mohammad Adi Suwardi bin Haji Noordeen, Awang Billy Law Pooh Hoon and Awang Juhan bin Haji Tuah who are managers of Syarikat Sinar Tenaga Sendirian Berhad started in the business in 2016 through the Pilot Scheme Project introduced by the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism. The company was offered the 5 hectares Site A1 at Tungku Agricultre Development Area, KKP Tungku in 2018 following the progress of their vegetables and fruits crops.

With a background in banking, Awang Mohammad Adi Suwardi first became interested in agriculture after visiting farms in Taiwan. While there, he learnt much about the ways of planning and implementing farm management. He was also inspired to bring home the new knowledge and technology in agriculture. Awang Muhammad Adi Suwardi said they were given the opportunity for the Pilot Project and were interested that he himself visited foreign countries to learn more about farming. The inspiration came from seeing other farms and His Majesty's titah that calls for efforts to engage in farming and open job opportunities.

The company plants green and green Thai chilies, tomatoes, cherries, long beans and others. Besides that it also plants various types of melons and dragon fruit. In 2018, the company produced around seventeen thousand and four hundred thirty one kilogrammes with a market value of one hundred four thousand, two hundred thirty nine dollars and thirteen cents. In 2019, its production was one hundred thirty three thousand and one hundred thirty four kilogrammes with a market value of five hundred, ninety three thousand, seven hundred dollars and ten cents.

With assistance from the government, especially the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism through the Agriculture and Agrifood department, the company intends to increase its farm produce in the future and produce high quality crops for the export market. The company's manager said the Agriculture department helped to check the plants including keeping diseases at bay as well as conducting courses such as good practice farming. Other assistance from the government include marketing and how to export.

Source: Radio Television Brunei