‘Lakak-Lakak’ Comic Book Becomes a Platform for Local Artist to Produce Artworks

The Bruneian identity comic book titled 'Lakak-Lakak' which was published by the Language and Literature Bureau and launched during the Brunei Book Festival 2020, received an encouraging response. The publication of the comic book acts as a platform for local artists to produce their artwork. 500 scripts have been printed for the first issue of the "Lakak- Lakak' comic book series. The Language and Literature Bureau will publish the comic three times a year with different themes according to current developments. The comic costs seven dollars and at the book festival, it is sold for 6 dollars and 30 cents a piece.

12 local artists were involved in the comic including freelance local artists and artists from the Language and Literature Bureau. The comic is hoped to receive an encouraging response from the public to give them inspiration to produce Bruneian identity works.

Source: Radio Television Brunei