Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism Working Visit

The Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism's working visit to the prawn farm and sea water supply pump station is part of a series of the ministry's visit to take a closer look at the progress of the fisheries industry in the area.

At the Golden Corporation Sendirian Berhad's Pond Reared Marine Prawn Farm at the Sungai Penyatang Prawn Farm, Yang Berhormat and delegation were briefed on the farm's operation, including the use of automated water quality equipment that shows the water parameter data in the prawn rearing ponds. Since January this year, the company has produced 104 metric tonnes of marine prawns, which is 44 metric tonnes of vannamei prawns and 60 metric tommes of tiger prawns. Apart from the 200 hectare Sungai Penyatang site, the company is also rearing rostris and vannamei prawns at faming sites in Kampung Keramut, Telisai and in Sungai Paku.

The Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism through the Fisheries Department has provided infrastructure, such as the Sea Water Supply Pump Station to facilitate the pond reared prawn enterprise operations. Yang Berhormat and delegation took a closer look at the facility at the prawn farm in Kampung Keramut, Tutong District. The sea water pump station is provided to assist prawn farmers in the area. The station will be upgraded to ensure that sufficient sea water is supplied consistently to pond reared marine prawn farms in the Kampung Keramut area which cover 92 hectares. According to Dayang Noraini binti Haji Anggas, Acting Director of Fisheries, the Kampung keramut sea water pump station provides two Asomes to supply sea water to prawn farmers in the area. The area can produce 800 to 900 metric tonnes of prawns in a year therefore the pump station is critical to the farm operations. The department has recently received approval for a local company to conduct additional pipe line installations by about 200 metres in order to supply sufficient sea water to the prawn farmers in the area.

Joining the delegation were Pengiran Haji Kamalrudzaman bin Pengiran Haji Mohd Ishak, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism; Awang Abdul Halidi bin Mohd Salleh, and Dayang Tutiaty binti Abdul Wahab, Deputy Permanent Secretaries at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism.

Source: Radio Television Brunei