Friday Sermon: “Avoid Jealousy”

Islam forbids jealousy among the ummah because it can destroy a person and bring bad affects in a person's life, family, society and country. Jealousy is among the heart's diseases the resulted from loving worldly things too much and forgetting the Greatness of Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala. Jealousy does not recognise blood or family relations, friends or working colleagues. Close family relations can become bad, good friends can become enemies and many more simply because of jealousy. The matter was raised in the Friday sermon titled, "Avoid Jealousy."

Supressing one's jealousy is very hard to do. The prayer leader said people who succeed will be honoured and rewarded with Heaven by Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala. To curb and cure jealousy, one has to do several things such as always controlling ourselves and realising that it can ruin and destroy people. Secondly, we must be thankful to Allah for his blessings and the things given to us. Thirdly, if we see people blessed and rewarded more by Allah, we must accept such gifts are the result of their loyalty to Allah. Fourthly, we must work hard to seek sustenance and Allah's blessings. Fifthly, never compare ourselves with people who are better or higher in status than us. And finally the prayer leader advised, we must always pray that Allah protects us from jealousy and malice.

Source: Radio Television Brunei