Launch of ‘Special Event Station’

As part of the country's 36th National Day celebration, Brunei Darussalam Amateur Radio Association, BDARA has officiated a Special Event Station. It is intended to highlight the uniqueness of the commemoration to the whole world through Amateur Radio Communications using various modes and frequencies designated by the authorities. The official launch took place this morning at the residence of BDARA's Chairman in Kampung Terunjing.

The station was officiated by Pengiran Haji Haris bin Pengiran Duraman, Adviser of BDARA. In the 4.0 Revolution Era, amateur radio is not left behind in following the development of the latest communications tools and equipment such as radios capable of sending data, images and weather reports throughout the world. It is the third Special Event Station held. The first was in 1984 while the second took place in 2009. Since its formation, BDARA which now has 40 members also participates in voluntary campaigns that include youths.

Source: Radio Television Brunei