The Participation of the Public Association Cluster Shows Determination in Shaping the Country

The participation of the Public Association Cluster in this year's National Day Celebration showed unity and determination in shaping a successful country.

The participation of the Public Association Cluster showcasing uniforms in a variety of designs further enlivened the ceremony. Among the thousands of participants taking part was the Association of Brunei Architects, Engineers and Surveyors, PUJA. Their involvement is a physical expression of their nationalism in together moving towards a more glorious future.

The Chinese community's involvement is a show of their commitment in together making a success of the glorious ceremony. The celebration's theme of "Menjayakan Wawasan Negara", invites the country's people regardless of age, ancestry, rank, race and religion to together instil the responsibility so that the country is always peaceful and prosperous.

The high nationalism was also shown by the Fire and Rescue Cadet team of Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University. They were determined to carry on the independence full heartedly so that it continues to grow and prosper.

The patriotic spirit shown by the participants from the Brunei Darussalam Girl Guides Association who were present since 6 in the morning, portrays their determination in making the ceremony a success.

The involvement of the Brunei Darussalam Scouts Association was a manifestation of their pride and nationalism in expressing their loyalty to the monarch and country which is independent and sovereign.

Also taking part was the Brunei Darussalam Senior Citizens Association, WARGAMAS. The WARGAMAS involvement every year is a physical expression of the members carrying out their responsibility towards the country as well as an admission of their love for the country.

The involvement of the differently-abled is also a proof that being differently-abled does not prevent one from being in service to the country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei