Symbol of Nation’s Identity and Solidarity

The hoisting of the national flag during major national events such as the upcoming 36th National Day Anniversary celebration, is able to enhance the feeling of respect and love in the citizens and residents towards the country. It also acts as a symbol of the country's identity and solidarity. To further glorify this year's National Day celebration, the citizens and residents have the responsibility of hoisting the flag to show patriotism and loyalty towards the beloved country.

The national flag in yellow, white and black as well as red for the crest was introduced on the 29th of September 1959. It plays a role in differentiating Brunei Darussalam from other countries. As citizens and residents, we should be proud to hoist the national flag.

The flag which is hoisted is not only a piece of cloth but it is also a symbol of the nation's sovereignty, with the citizens and residents holding fast to the Malay Islamic Monarchy values. Therefore, let us together glorify the upcoming National Day Celebration by hoisting the national flag as a symbol of love and solidarity towards the country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei