Portrays Far-Sighted Citizens Moving Towards Wawasan Brunei 2035

The 36th National Day Anniversary celebration logo was inspired from the Brunei traditional woven cloth motif, which is the 'Bunga Putar' or Swirling Flower, which carries the meaning of the country's treasures playing a vital role in the shaping of a country and nation. It also acts as an outline of Brunei Darussalam as a country that remains glorious with dynamic developments as well as continuously upholding the Malay Islamic Monarchy philosophy.

The logo, created by Awang Mohammad Abdul Aziz bin Haji Mohd Ali, Free-Lance Designer, won the Logo Designing Competition. The logo portrays citizens who are looking ahead in achieving the development needs towards Wawasan Brunei 2035. It uses contemporary colours portraying modernisation and diversification, enlivening the country's beautiful and joyful atmosphere.

The description of the 36th National Day Celebration Logo is as follows: Five circles signifying the five pillars of Islam as a statement of the foundation of religious belief. The yellow colour signifies the monarchical institution as the pillar of the country's prosperity. The four small circles signifies the industrial revolution 4.0 in driving the country's and nation's development towards an excellent future.

The number 36 in Arabic, arranged in a circle of four, portrays the citizens and residents of the four districts walking together towards the future.

The number seven which is also in Arabic, signifies the seven ethnic groups being united in making a success of the country's vision.

Source: Radio Television Brunei