Japanese Musk Melon Produced by Gropoint Sdn Bhd Penetrates International Market

The Musk Melon produced by Gropoint Sendirian Berhad is becoming more well-known in the domestic market, and has even penetrated the international market. Operating since 2018, the company has earned around 140,000 dollars. Following their success, the company has been offered by the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood a 20-hectare site for the construction of 8 greenhouses.

This non-seasonal fruit business is run by Dayang Eileen Lee Hui Shi at a 5-hectare area at the Tungku Agricultural Development Area using the fertigation system within the greenhouse and automation technology in the irrigation system. The Japanese Premium Musk Melon, also known as Melts Muskmelon is planted using quality seeds from Japan.

Under the Agricultural Expansion Programme, the company has built 8 greenhouses, and each is capable of producing around 10 to 11 thousand musk melons. The company also invites local farmers and companies to produce musk melons via contract farming.

In the period of 2 years, the company has successfully produced 25,400 kilogrammes of musk melons or 192,000 dollars. From the figure, 400 kilogrammes were produced in 2018 amounting to around 2,000 dollars, while in 2019, the production was at 25,000 kilogrammes amounting to 190,000 dollars. Last year, Gropoint Sendirian Berhad has sold 7,000 kilogrammes of musk melon in the local market, valued at 50,000 dollars, and 18,000 kilogrammes of musk melons amounting to around 140,000 dollars in the international market. The musk melons can be found at local supermarkets including Supa Save and Rimba Garden Central, apart from being exported to Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and China. More details on the musk melon production will be aired this Sunday in 'Berita Ekonomi'.

Source: Radio Television Brunei