Mass Prayer Foundation of Muslim Unity

Islam has high regards for the concept of unity. Among the basic pillars of Muslim unity is the mass prayer. Allah Subahanahu Wata'ala favours the mass prayers and gives many blessings, rewards, benefits and advantages to people who pray in congregation, especially at the mosques. The topic was highlighted in today's Friday sermon which also touched on the Sunnat or optional Prayer.

In the sermon, the prayer leader said people in Brunei Darussalam are very fortunate that the government looks after its citizens and residents well and takes the initiatives to avoid and prevent undesirable incidents or misfortunes. The world is currently affected by an epidemic that is spreading rapidly. Sunnat hajat prayers have been held at mosques, suraus and religious halls in the country especially after the obligatory maghrib or dusk prayer and before the Friday prayer. The prayer leader also said Muslims should perform the sunnat hajat prayer and supplicate for the country's protection from the epidemic.

Source: Radio Television Brunei