Yellowish Water Issue

Many parts of the country are currently experiencing yellowish water supply caused by the inconsistent and bad quality of raw water from the rivers. In a media release today, the Public Works Department said solving the problem requires additional treatment process that will time and cause the water plants to produce less clean water.

There are other factors that cause the yellowish water. However, the Public Works Department has increased efforts to address the issue by implementing various operations.

Among other things, the efforts include cleaning water reservoir tanks, replacing old frequently leaking pipes, addressing the problem at the Water Treatment Plant related to filtration tanks, purification pools, chemical dosage, pumps and others, monitoring the quality of raw river water and its level as well as releasing water from the dam if required.

Apart for that the PWD is also monitoring the quality of water supply so that it reaches the parameter of the World Health Organisation, WHO's standard guideline. Also implemented is routine monitoring on water sample tests from several locations in Brunei Muara District as well as carrying out continuous flushing operation on water pipelines in the affected areas.

Members of the public who have home water tanks and filters are advised to always ensure they are always clean by carrying out routine 'flushing' and 'backwashing'. House water tanks and filters which have not been cleaned for long periods will cause the water to change colour even though the water supply from outside the house is clear. For clean water supply from tanker Lorries contact Talian Darussalam; 123.

Source: Radio Television Brunei