Self-Isolation for Individuals Returning to Brunei Darussalam from People’s Republic of China

As part of the national response towards the Novel Corona Virus or 2019 n-CoV situation in a number of areas in the People's Republic of China and several other countries, the Ministry of Health has introduced a self-isolation policy for individuals who have returned or will return to Brunei Darussalam from the People's Republic of China.

The policy includes:

FIRST, anyone who were in the People's Republic of China within 14 days before arriving in Brunei Darussalam and is allowed entry into the country must undergo self-isolation for 14 days;

SECOND: The country's citizens and permanent residents who are currently in the People's Republic of China regardless of province can be allowed to re-enter Brunei Darussalam. They are required to undergo self-isolation for 14 days. Any Brunei Darussalam citizens or permanent residents who are sick and in the People's Republic of China are advised to delay their return and get assistance from the Brunei Darussalam embassy in the People's Republic of China for further advice;

THIRD: Upon arriving in the country, they are required to go to the Port Health Counter and inform the on duty staff that they just arrived from the People's Republic of China. Forms will be provided to be filled and information on self-isolation to assist the person during the isolation period will be given.

The Ministry of Health in its statement also advised the public NOT to visit and delay unnecessary travel to the People's Republic of China. This is aimed at controlling the entry of the disease into the country which can be infected through human to human contact.

Individuals who fulfil the self-isolation criteria, are required under the Infectious Diseases Act, Chapter 204, to abstain from any public activities and to monitor their health for 14 days from their date of arrival in the country.

The public is also advised not to be alarmed or panicked about the situation. The policy is introduced to ensure the health and well-being of the affected individuals and general public are protected.

Further information on the self-isolation policy can be obtained from the Ministry of Health website, '' or contact Disease Control Department through e-mail: '' or telephone number 2380316 or 2380318.

Source: Radio Television Brunei