Thief Case

One of the two local men who were brought to the Bandar Seri Begawan Magistrate's Court for theft at three separate venues in Mukim Berakas, was sentenced to imprisonment. Both of the suspects were brought to the court for the offence under Section 3-7-9 and 3-8-0 and Section 34 of the Penal Code Chapter 22.

Probationary Inspector Nur Iffah Nabilah Binti Rosli@Dessy Susanty Binti Rosli, Criminal Investigation and Traffic Officer of the Central Police Station said that the suspects were 30-year old, Pengiran Mohammad Ibnu bin Pengiran Haji Othman and Mohamad Alif bin Abdullah, 36 years old. The first and second incidents took place around December 2019 where the first suspect was found to have stolen two units of car batteries and a mobile phone at two separate business premises in Lambak Kanan area. While the third incident happened on 3rd January 2020, where a complaint was recorded about missing personal items including ATM card, cash money and several wrist watches at a house in Lambak Kanan. From the case mentioned, the court has sentenced Pengiran Mohammad Ibnu bin Pengiran Haji Othman Abdullah to 8 months imprisonment at the Maraburong Prison starting 11th of January 2020 while Mohamad Alif bin Abdullah was remanded until 10th February 2020 for further mention of the case.

Source: Radio Television Brunei