Teaching of Islamic Knowledge in the Digital Era

The digital era has brought many changes including in the teaching of Islamic Knowledge in the country from the conventional method to the digital system. The Islamic Mind Application has been designed to include animation and gamification in Islamic Education taught at Religious Schools. The application aims to make it easier for pupils to understand their lessons.

The application is also suitable as a Teaching Aid because the contents of each topic is based on lessons taught at religious schools. Using a different educational platform also enhances the teacher's creativity in teaching. The objective of Islamic Mind is to enter from 700 to one thousands of all topics taught from Pre-school to Primary 6.

The application has suitable educational characteristics such as access to all topics in the form of animations and quizzes. Users can select lesson topics for every class and view 3 to 6 minutes videos. Meanwhile, in relation to the quiz, users can test their understanding by answering quizzes provided by the application. There are 15 to 20 questions related to the viewed animations. The questions match examination questions to prepare the pupils early for the examinations. The application is provided in two scripts which are the Roman Alphabet and Jawi writing which is aimed to give the pupils proficiency or literacy in Jawi. The Hijai'yah Gamification content is very suitable for lower primary pupils learning Jawi and Iqra' or reading al-Quran.

Source: Radio Television Brunei