Special Talk

An excellent student is the ray of light that brightens the darkness in life. Hence strong aqidah or faith and proper practices are the main pillars in shaping a student's character or personality. The matter was the highlight of a special talk titled 'Becoming an Excellent Student' held this morning at the Auditorium of Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University.

The talk was attended by Doctor Haji Norarfan bin Haji Zainal, the Rector of UNISSA. In his talk, Professor Doctor Abdul Somad Batubara, Visiting Professor at UNISSA's Faculty of Usuluddin reminded the students about the importance of balancing between the worldly and hereafter demands. He said in the quest of knowledge, the degree is obtained as the evidence of the efforts and hard work to gain knowledge which is then spread to others. The Professor believes that UNISSA will help to solidify the faith of not only Bruneians but also others in the Malay archipelago.

More than 500 UNISSA officers and students attended the talk. The event aimed to motivate the university's students to work harder and not be easily influenced by deviant beliefs. It also commemorated 13 years since UNISSA's establishment.

Source: Radio Television Brunei