Project Amounting to $5 Million will Create Job Opportunities

Three projects have been invested to more than 5 million dollars that will further develop the tourism industry in the Temburong District which is known as the Green Jewel. These projects include building the district's first 'luxury' eco-resort on a 2 hectares land in Kampong Perdayan; renovating the old District Office to become an information centre and setting up a river centre in Kampong Batang Duri. These projects expected to create over 40 jobs for the locals within the next five years.

Costing about 4.5 million dollars, the eco-resort project include 30 rooms, restaurant, swimming pool and spa. The project expected to be completed in a year.

The project aims to create a comprehensively planned luxury eco-resort integrating elements of a luxurious, sustainable, safe, reliable, attractive as well as affordable tourism product that can be enjoyed by both local and foreign visitors; to create business opportunities through collaboration and partnership by prioritizing the local communities and to encourage participation of private sectors to have co-ownership of the tourism product.

With the total budget of three hundred thousand dollars, the Old District Office, aside from becoming the visitor centre, it will also be equipped with a cafe, souvenir shop and museum gallery.

Among the objective for refurbishment of old district office are to create a centre as a focal point and must-go information centre for inbound tourists and locals arriving into the Temburong District; providing space and a platform to showcase local products and culture through collaboration and partnership and engagement of youths and the local communities and creating employment opportunities to locals generated by the activities in the tourism sector.

Meanwhile, the river centre project aims to develop, build and maintain a centre for tourists and visitors to ensure a reliable and scheduled timetable for the temuai or longboat shuttle services from Kampong Batang Duri to the Ulu Temburong National Park whilst ensuring and maintaining high level of safety and security standards for all visitors at all times. The centre will also serve as a comfortable waiting area for visitors while waiting for the arrival of their longboat.

For the comfort of tourists and visitors, the centre is equipped with a Surau, an ablution area, souvenir shop, cafe, toilets and changing rooms. The river centre will also exhibit spaces for local communities to showcase their unique local and cultural products and handicrafts through the collaboration and partnership of youths and the local community in the Temburong District. The 387,000 dollars project is expected to be completed in 6 months.

The development projects which are currently being carried out are among the government's effort that will further upgrade the tourism activity and product in the Temburong District, aside from providing business opportunities to the local residents as well as the micro, small and medium enterprises in the district.

Source: Radio Television Brunei