‘Keluargaku Pengorbananku 2.0’ Talk

Peace, justice, understanding, tolerance, love and harmony in a family is the main factor in creating a happy and blessed family in this world and the Hereafter. The matter was underscored in the talk titled, 'Keluargaku Pengorbananku 2.0' organised by The Dream Team Event Management. The talk was delivered by a Malaysian speaker and took place at Parkview Hotel in Jerudong.

The speaker 'Asma Harun said having a harmonious family according to the teachings of Islam is the wish of all Muslims. It is the duty and responsibility of married couples to support and internalise the concept of loving and caring for each other. The speaker continued that piety, cooperation, gratitude to Allah and accepting the Almighty's destiny open the path towards a harmonious family. The husband plays a vital role in the family's harmony.

Source: Radio Television Brunei