Number of Visitors to Museums and Galleries in the Country Has Increased Throughout the Past 3 Years

The country's museums and galleries are among the destinations visited by domestic and overseas tourists. For the tourists, a visit to the country is not complete if they do not visit museums and galleries in the country which preserves the country's national identity.

According to statistics from the Museums Department, the number of visitors to the country's museums and galleries has recorded an increase over the past 3 years. 218,811 visitors were recorded in 2017. The number of visitors increased in 2018, which is 223,050 people. Meanwhile, 278,094 visitors, mostly overseas tourists were recorded from January to November 2019.

The tourists stated that the visits to the museums and galleries in the country has provided invaluable knowledge and experiences. More interestingly, entrance to the museums and galleries in the country is free.

Source: Radio Television Brunei