No Impact of Tropical Storm Phanfone to Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam is now in the first half of Northeast Monsoon which normally would receive a high amount of rainfall. The weather condition is expected to be rainy in most days up until the end of January 2020. Unsettled weather conditions with occasional heavy showers or thundershowers especially during the night and early morning are expected. Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department in a media statement shared that Typhoon Phanfone has downgraded to Tropical Storm Phanfone.

As of 5:00 in the morning local time today, Tropical Storm Phanfone was observed at South China Sea. Tropical Storm Phanfone is expected to continue move westwards. No significant impact is expected to our local weather condition due to Tropical Storm Phanfone. Fair weather is expected until next week mostly during the day, but rain may also occur mostly at night and at times, persist until early morning.

Sea state is likely to increase to a moderate state of maximum 2 metres. During continuous and heavy rain, it is important for the general public to take note of the risk of flooding or flash floods especially at low-lying and flood prone areas. The risk of landslides will also be high especially when heavy rainfall occurs continuously for more than 2 hours. There is also a risk of severe flooding during the event of very heavy rain coinciding with high tide. In the case of strong winds and rough sea conditions are dangerous especially to all small crafts and sea recreational activities and sports. For latest weather information visit '' or Facebook @bruneiweather, Instagram @bruneiweather, and mobile application Brunei WX.

Source: Radio Television Brunei