Practise Wise and Moderate Spending

Muslims are urged to spend wisely and moderately by only giving priority to matters that are important and needed without any wastage. This is timely with civil servants receiving their bonus payments as an incentive to their duties carried out throughout the year. They were also reminded not to spend indiscriminately but should put aside a part of their bonuses for future use. This was among the contents of yesterday's Friday Sermon entitled Practice Wise and Moderate Spending.

The imam or prayer leader said that practising wise and moderate spending in life can help one control and avoid from being extravagant and spending unwisely. Spending in itself is not wrong, but we must spend according to what we can afford or need and not according to what we want or desire. The attitude of spending according to what we want must be avoided and curbed before it becomes a habit. This is because, once we start being extravagant and spend above and beyond our means, it can being about various problems such as being in debt, wasteful and others.

The congregants are reminded that Islam prohibits the ummah from being wasteful as wastefulness is a bad habit of mankind that frequently occurs when one is given a multitude of blessings. Verily, those who are wasteful are brothers of satan and satan likes people who are wasteful and spends according to their desires.

Therefore, if we want our finances, as well as those of the society and country to be stable and guaranteed, then we should plan and practice wise and moderate spending such as only purchasing items that are truly needed, and not buying items that are NOT needed or even practising an extravagant and wasteful way of life. The ummah is also reminded to practise the habit of saving.

Source: Radio Television Brunei