1,756 Cases Detected Since ‘Operasi Pulih’ Begins

The Minister of Health stated that since the 'Operasi Pulih' was carried out on 4th October until now, a total of 1,756 cases were detected with 61 per cent of the cases involving the workplace or staff houses that accommodate the companies' employees and only 9 per cent were related to household cases or cases where the families lived in private homes.

The total cases in Category 4 and 5 treated at the National Isolation Centre are stable. 71 per cent of cases presently treated in Category 4 and 5 are those who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine. The Home Isolation Policy implemented since 8th October 2021 has successfully reduced the strain on bed capacity rate or bed occupancy rate in isolation centres. From an occupancy rate of 82 per cent, the rate has decreased to 78.7 per cent. The weekly average of new cases per day has also decreased from 183 new cases per day to 148 cases per day. The vaccination rate in the country has increased as projected and the Ministry of Health will successfully achieve 80 per cent of the entire population to receive the vaccine as expected. However, the increase in vaccination rates is very slow for those aged 80 years and above.

Source: Radio Television Brunei