16th ASEAN-India Summit

After the 22nd ASEAN-China Summit, His Majesty and other ASEAN Heads of State and Government attended the 16th ASEAN-India Summit. At the Summit, His Majesty in the titah expresses appreciation for India's positive contributions to ASEAN, especially its strong support for peace and prosperity in the region, alongside India's Act East policy which is seen to strengthen the linkages between the two sides. In the titah, His Majesty says ASEAN also welcomes cooperation in addressing terrorism and violent extremism, which is in line with ASEAN's 2025 Vision, as it could be enhanced through coordination between the enforcement agencies. Accompanying His Majesty was His Royal Highness Prince 'Abdul Mateen.

The Summit began with the Opening Statement from the Chairman of ASEAN, who welcomed all leaders to the Summit. At this Summit, His Majesty in the titah says that given the rising trends of trade protectionism, strengthening economic cooperation needs to be given more attention. Therefore, an early conclusion in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, RCEP negotiations is very important.

Apart from that, His Majesty in the titah also calls for cooperation to be further enhanced in the digital economy, with focus on facilitating e-commerce for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, MSME. This will ensure that businesses could benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution and subsequently contribute to sustained regional economic growth for the mutual ASEAN-India strategy.

At the end of the Summit, both sides also reaffirmed their commitment to drive forward the ASEAN-India strategic partnership and to promote cooperation that would lead to concrete results and sustainable development.

Source: Radio Television Brunei